Friday, February 10, 2017

Five for Friday - 2/10/17

1. Doing

  • Attempting the 30 Day Pilates Challenge. Again. I am Grade-A BAD at follow through, even if I like something. 
  • InCoWriMo! // Month of Letters! Which is going as well as it can given the above (re: bad at follow through). So far I've mostly caught up on my postcrossing backlog, sent valentines with pictures of Reed to great-grandma and the grandparents, and sent a package to two of my penpals who are meeting up in Rio at the end of the month. 

2. Reading

3. Listening 

What does Reed think of our music selections this week? Reed just likes it when I sing. Good point, kiddo. 

4. Making

  • Apple Sharlotka. Browsing Smitten Kitchen's Instagram is usually a good way to ensure that I "accidentally" throw together a dessert, whether or not we need it. My reasoning here was that we had apples that were starting to go bad. This was good -- the top had a nice, fortune-cookie taste and texture to it. I'm thinking I could do this with any stone fruit or berry and it'd turn similarly. 
  • Knit Baby Blocks, which I started about this time last year thinking I'd totally have them done before the baby was born. The baby is now eight months old.

5. Thinking
I should have posted this on Friday instead of backdating it on the following Tuesday. Oh well! My goal here is to remember all the little details from the week. 

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  1. Just had to say Hello! I also have Herbarium (on your goodreads list) - it's a gorgeous book, isn't it??